Maintaining remission

Staying in remission is a full time job.  And a very important one.  As the days countdown to T-Day we know this aggressive disease could return at any time and jeopardise the outcome of Fabian’s planned transplant.  Since achieving remission (but not disease free as determined by the MRD test) he has been on maintenance therapy as an outpatient and struggling to recover his blood counts which frustratingly seesaw like a rollercoaster.  His bonemarrow remains desperately frail having been transplanted once and then hammered by the strongest dose of chemo permissible.  But we were heartened by the latest MRD result which showed a 10 fold reduction in leukaemic cells from last time to a staggeringly low 2 cells per 100,000.  And yet even at that level, left untreated the leukaemia would ultimately come back whether in weeks, months or years.  They call this scenario the sword of Damocles.  Readers may like to google for the full story!

So Fabian is trying to enjoy these days at home in between hospital trips and generally keeping well.  He had a lovely day at the zoo and has been racing up and down on his new go-kart, a generous gift from the Shooting Star trust.  Our chicks hatched against all odds and together with the baby bunnies (minus one deceased) they are a reminder to us of the wonder and fragility of new life.  Your continued prayer is valued and Fabian knows he is in the hearts of many.

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