Post transplant and unexpected post

Well we are the right side of transplant, no longer ‘pre’ but ‘post’.   However, what ought to have been a straightforward harvesting procedure for Cassia turned into something far more protracted as surgeons were unable to collect the required WB cells per ml and ended up having to take a far larger blood quantity than planned.  This has left her feeling somewhat worse for wear and extremely fatigued after such a large loss of blood and two, rather one puncture wounds.  She has been truly brave undergoing this procedure again and is having well-deserved r+r at home.  The net result is that engraftment is now likely to take longer given the lower percentage of stem cells so inevitably this means longer isolation and continued risk of infection for Fabian (groan).   At T+4 he is suffering the side effects of mucositis and constant pain for which he has morphine.  A neat little hand-held controller rather like a TV remote allows him to regulate the dose as required.  There are never less than 3 intravenous lines into him at any one time supplying nutrition, antibiotics and fluids.  This makes manoeuvring round his cramped room even less practical.  The NG feeding tube was duly thrown up and he is canny enough to charge us £10 to have it reinserted!  All for the good cause of buying a remote control tank one day.

We had an unexpected letter postmarked St James Palace.  It was from the Duke of Cambridge who wanted to wish Fabian well.  I am impressed that William and Kate obviously follow his progress as they keep abreast of his current treatment and status.  I’m sure they will make wonderful parents with all the consideration they show for children.  Fabian says hi to all his global followers which now span every continent (see visitor map).  Keep willing him on and for the new stem cells to start producing white cells.  With British tennis players doing unusually well at Wimbledon, I’m feeling positive!

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  1. zara wright

    Hope those cells kick in quickly and help Fabian deal with the horrible side effects. What a letter to cherish and wonderful to know that so many people including royalty are keeping you all in their thoughts. Keep smiling xx

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