Home; but not alone

I cant’t believe I’ve waited nearly a week to report that Fabian was actually discharged! Perhaps it was because I half expected him to be re-admitted within a day or so, but nevertheless he and Lydia are back after 81 days on Fox ward and another chapter in our seven year journey of treatment ends. Of course, they weren’t going to let him go without an accompanying shed load of medication and paraphernalia, all of which has turned our kitchen into a nurse’s station. Preparing and administering these drugs together with taking obs and fluids through his PEG takes upwards of a couple of hours a day but it is certainly more preferable being at home with family than in the isolation unit. Community nurses come to the house weekly to take bloods and he’ll need to attend daycare clinic regularly at GOSH so it’s not like we are going to miss them! The meds will gradually reduce as his immunity strengthens and I’m pleased to say his most recent bone marrow check returned another negative result; so still in total remission, praise God.
One of Fabian’s first priorities was to purchase the remote controlled tank he had been saving for. He is so pleased to be home, just to be free to mess around not being connected up to a machine or being prodded and poked by medical staff every few hours. He was so observant,noticing every minor change in the house since he had been away. It made me realise how such small things had become significant for him having been away so long.
Fabian’s return also coincided with the start of a new school year and I can muse on the fact I now have a child in each sector of the education system; higher, further, secondary and primary. Fabian obviously isn’t able to return just yet and will resume his home education for the time being but its packed lunches and school runs for the others. Somehow it’s starting to feel more normal again.

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  1. Lisette Teasdale

    So happy to hear that Fabian is home! Lydia and I first met at the Amyand Park Chapel toddler group, and our paths crossed again more recently at the Marsden. Danny is still in remission and I’m delighted that Fabian is home and in the clear too. We still have a drawer in the kitchen full of hospital paraphernalia from the days when medicines ruled our world (and our work surfaces). Here’s hoping that Fabian goes from strength to strength until the bottles and bandages from this time in his life can tucked away in a drawer, a reminder of how much things have changed for the better. Warmest wishes to you all, Lisette xx

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