Preparing for T Day

So I’m writing this entry from an all too familiar setting; Fox ward at Great Ormond Street. Yes, we’re back here for the final treatment phase, somewhat overdue but timely nonetheless. Fabian’s most recent bone marrow aspirate indicated a very small but measurable amount of residual disease. Despite this unwelcome news, he is otherwise in a very good state to receive the modified T cells next week. For example Fabian has sufficient EBV, a naturally occurring virus, with which to ‘trigger’ the T cells into attack mode -an absolute pre-requisite for them to take on the leukaemia cells too and ensure they remain long term in his immune system. It’s clear the bone marrow transplants haven’t been totally effective in eradicating this disease so we are left with all hope resting on the modified cells to do the job once and for all.
Before that, Fabian has to undergo a short chemo protocol to ‘dampen’ his immunity in readiness for the T cells. We’re not expecting any side effects from this dose and we know the routine well by now. Do pray that he tolerates the chemo.
The film crew has been ever present recently, capturing random activities at home and in hospital for the forthcoming documentary. We’ve been lent a video camera with which to record events when they’re not around – I call it the Fabcam. Not that there’s much to film whilst stuck on the ward whiling away the time. I’ll update again post T day.

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  1. Alison

    Prayers, love and strength coming your way. You are in our thoughts constantly, and we truly wish Fabian all the best with the coming treatment. He is one tough cookie.
    Fabcam! Love it 🙂 Keep on rocking Fabian!
    With you all the way,
    Alison and family xxx

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