‘One shall rout a thousand’

Check this out – our consultant has told us an awesome statistic; he said one modified T-Cell could destroy a thousand leukaemic cells!  This immediately reminded me of that old testament scripture ‘one of you shall rout a thousand, because the Lord your God fights for you’ (Josh 23:10).  This was spoken by God to Joshua on how he was to possess the promised land and rid it of his enemies and I believe is surely a prophetic statement that speaks to Fabian’s cellular-battle within.  Promised land equals health and wholeness – enemies equal cancer cells.  I’m sure this prompting was an encouragement from God because at the same time the consultant despondently informed us that the latest MRD, taken just pre-treatment has confirmed an increase in disease at the molecular level to one in 10,000, broadly equating to a billion leukaemic cells and growing.  So friends, the battle we now know, is very real and pressing.   Every one of those precious 52 million fighter cells needs to achieve its potential and destroy AT LEAST a thousand blast cells.  Thankfully, the T cells should grow and even out the odds.  At the moment it feels like Spartans v Persians.

Now here is my crazy Dad idea… I ask each one of you faithful followers of faith4fabian to sponsor one T cell in prayer to do its job.  A cool way to show your support is by ‘liking’ the dedicated facebook page that I’ve created for this purpose.  If we reach one thousand likes, we rout a million cells – simples!  I’d like to aim even higher and with similar page promotions I’ve seen going viral, anything is possible.  When Fabian sees that total rise each day he will be massively encouraged.  Ok everyone, start trending…


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