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  1. William Hope

    Good morning from New Zealand. Just a note from 19,000km away to send you some love from down here buddy. Loved reading about your meeting the Princess and as I visit the hospital a lot to visit my loved one I thought you might like to know that even as far away as you can get, we’re sending you some energy. Winter is just starting here and all the trees are turn the most amazing colours of orange, red and yellow.
    I hope that hospital wifi gets sorted! Contact the Rotary Club nearby – it would
    Make a great project for them!!

  2. Hello from California, USA. I read the story about you meeting the Princess and just wanted to check up on you. I am on Facebook too, so hopefully we can meet up there and be “friends”. Check out my website. I became the Queen of my own kingdom in 1997. The website explains a bit about the Kingdom of Bellelealand and if you are interested in becoming a Prince, a Knight or maybe even a wizard, let me know and I will make sure you get a signed proclamation and a book about the Kingdom and the Queen’s Royal Isles, especially created for children. I believe that I can send you some of my energy to help make you healthy, so that is what I am doing. I am praying and sending you energy. I will stay in touch. Take care, my brave new friend.
    Queen Ernylee

  3. Darrell

    Well, Fabian has some truly eccentric followers. God bless you!

  4. Ruth and Hugh

    Hi Fabian, we are praying for you.
    The Bible says that the prayers of Gods people is powerful and effective.
    We also pray for all your family to be touched by the Lord in a special way.
    God bless you
    Hugh ans Ruth

  5. Tasneem Laviers

    Dear Lydia & Darrell,
    Fran is keeping me updated on Fabian’s condition. I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you all. I have been keeping up with your posts as well. Fabian is an incredibly brave little boy. I still remember him as a baby. I know it has been a very long time since I have seen you all . Just sending prayers to you all- from here in Penang, Malaysia (just here for a short work stint).

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