2013 and all that

My last entry for 2013 rounds off what can best be described as a year of ups and downs but thankfully ending on an ‘up’. Not that I’m superstitious, but Fabian has only relapsed on odd numbered years – 2011 and 2013 – so 2014 bodes well.
A couple of weeks ago I reported that the first aspirate since T Day showed a significant drop in leukaemic levels and that can only be attributed to the effectiveness of the immunotherapy treatment. A single reading, of course, does not constitute a downward trend so the next aspirate reading mid January will give us enough data to plot a line graph which we hope will confirm this. Meanwhile, we have learnt that the all-important EBV virus which had apparently disappeared was found to be present again so more cause for celebration. Fabian himself continues his run of good health and his fragile immune system is starting to strengthen. A further dose of Cassia’s stem cells may be required if his blood counts don’t pick up over time.
Christmas has been somewhat uneventful with the dreadful weather limiting much outdoor activity or trips. Having received a number of gifts on his present hit list, Fabian claimed it was the best Christmas ever. Not sure his siblings agree, now that they are being peppered with foam darts from his new semi-automatic nerf gun! Time then to recharge and all face 2014 together, whatever it plans to throw at us. Bring it on!

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