Tanks and thanks

Well, after all the hype, our T Day came and went in underwhelming fashion.  The build up to this, Fabian’s second round of immunotherapy, has seemed hugely drawn out so we did not approach today with the same alacrity as on the previous occasion.  It is also sobering to know that this was possibly the last treatment for leukaemia he will ever receive, though not a feeling shared by Fabian who would be elated.  The day began with a standard bone marrow aspirate that will provide a baseline level going into the therapy.   Fabian’s stock phrase just before ‘going under’ is “see you on the other side” which of course, has a rather different connotation to what he actually means!  He recovered well and the cells arrived shortly after lunch accompanied by a small army of nurses and doctors.  There was a fear that he might experience a cytokine reaction from the cells and that this would be life-threatening.  Since there is no identical precedent to this procedure, one could say the doctors were playing it uber-safe.  Vials of hydrocortisone and adrenalin were to hand if a reaction had occurred – the use of which would have rendered the T cells useless and that would be that.  Thankfully, this was not the case and within minutes of the infusion Fabian was back to his lego build from which he had been so rudely interrupted by this procedure, cancer-curing though it may be.  There will be a further top up tomorrow and then we wait and see.  The EBV virus was administered earlier in the week and it is this that should activate the T cells to multiply and continue to regenerate.  To help Fabian understand the process, he’s called them his tank cells which he visualises going through his blood blasting the bad cells to bits.  Cue battle of Kursk war clips and the analogy is complete, except that unlike those panzers, let’s hope his tank cells won’t run out of gas.

I’ll end this entry with another T; thanks.  Thanks to our medical team who have given us this unexpected possibility and thank you to God for making possible the unexpected.  Here is positive Fabian giving you all the thumbs up!



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7 Responses to Tanks and thanks

  1. Kari Whitehead

    Go T-cells! Sending lots of prayers for Fabian from the U.S.!

    • Darrell

      Hi Kari
      Thanks so much for your support and sharing this with all your friends. We are getting besieged by well wishers from Pennsylvania!!


  2. Kelly Bell

    Hey Fabian!! I am a resident of the town that your friend Emily Whitehead is from. Her parents let us know about you and what a brave warrior you have been. I understand your second T cell infusion is right around the corner and I just wanted to let you know that a whole bunch of the people who were praying for Emily and sending her all kind of good wishes are now doing the same for you!! Hang tough buddy…..I hope when you are able that you can make a trip to Pennsylvania to meet some of the folks that are in your corner!!

    Kelly Bell
    Philipsburg, PA

  3. Melissa

    Dear Fabian:

    I am praying for you and this treatment. I am friends with Emily’s family. She asked us to stop by and say hi. We will just Believe that you will have the same results as Emily. God Bless You.

  4. Michele Mc

    Many prayers and much love to Fabian! Prayers that his family will stay strong. May you all be blessed!

  5. sally laird

    HELLO from Central Pennsylvania USA. Wishing only the best outcome for Fabian and your family. Just know there are people thinking of you all and praying. Stay strong and take care of each other.

  6. Bonnie McNelis

    I believe!!!! Praying for ya kiddo!!!!

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